A downloadable game for Windows

~ Made for Ludum Dare #34, in 72 hours ~

Embark on a journey in the ancient world of WONKS. Where will you be taken when the WONKS calls you? what will you do? Explore those ideas and not much more in this thrilling* adventure


Please note that the game is unfortunately Unfinished, feel free to explore the farming area and discover some different dialogue and whatnot, but (spoilers) I was unfortunately not able to add anything after the farm. One day I hope you'll be able to leave by that gate, but until then you're just stuck messing around with seeds forever, never finding the one. Also I ran out of time for any kind of controls, so move with WASD and look with the mouse. Press SHIFT to sprint and the left and right mouse buttons to interact with the world. Whoops!

Ah poop I also forgot to remove a little debug number on the screen. Oh Well.

My Focus this jam was to really use audio. In the past audio has always been an afterthought but I made sure to implement it from the very beginning, and I hope that has had the intended effect of creating a better sense of place and atmosphere.

> Farm tune by Chris Rowlands

> WONKS (sfx) by Dylan Gedig

> Game by May Gardens


Wonks v1.01 prototype.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

It's gonna download as a zip, so make sure you unzipperoo that bad boy into a nice little folder somewhere cozy, and then enjoy WONKS!