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boldero! a little jumping game I made in just over 3 hours of focused work over the past month. 

Part of a series of small games I tell myself I can make in 30 minutes then actually spend a few hours on, see also "Incredible elevator", which I actually made after boldero, but released first since I stalled on boldero for about 3 weeks due to html5 audio bugs. (you can see I finally fixed that bug by uploading it as a .exe instead). 

If you're curious about the rapid development of this game, I've added bolero_dev_log.txt to the files you can download, where you can see the ~3 hours of development broken into 10 minute chunks. The actual development time was somewhere closer to 6 hours, as every 10 minutes I would log what I accomplished, playtest the game once or twice, and decide what my next goal was. 


boldero.zip 4 MB
boldero_dev_log.txt 4 kB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip into a new folder and double click the .exe file to play!

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